The school prepares the students for SSC through English . edium. It is recognized by the Govt. of Andhra Pradesh vide proceedings RC.No. L. Dis. No. 2217/B2-1 /06. The school is a Christian Minority Institution established and administered within e scope and ambit of the safeguards of Art. 29 & 30 of the dian Constitution.

The subjects taught are :

1.I Language ( Telugu / Hindi).

2.II Language (Hindi / Telugu).

3.ll Language - English.


5.Physical and Biological Sciences.

6. Social Studies.

7. Computer Science.

8. Value Education / Faith Formation.

9. General Knowledge.

10. Physical Education.

11. Art & Craft Education.

12. Music.


The Managing Committee of all the institutions under the Administration of Mary Mediatrix Sisters Society consisting of the Provincial Superior and her Councillors.

The School Management Committee consists of the Community of Sisters residing at the place,reprasentatives from parents and teachers are is responsible for drawing up policies specific to the institution as well as carrying out the policies and directives of the Central Managing Committee.


The Sisters, who run this institution belong to a worldwide, religious organization known as the Missionaries of Mary Mediatrix. They have dedicated themselves in a special way to the cause of education, particularly that of the poor. Being a Catholic Institution, it draws its inspiration from the life and teachings of Jesus Christ who taught human being to love and serve their fellow-human being. Hence, it is the spirit of service that motivates these women in their single-minded dedication to humanity, believing that, 'Service to man is service to God.'


The process of education demands the wholehearted cooperation of the teacher, the student and the parents.


Vidya (knowledge) is divine and salvific in so far as it is for the integral development of the person and the human society as a whole. Vidyadaan, the process of imparting knowledge, is always an act of sharing. In the school,education is a mutual sharing between the teachers and students. This sharing goes beyond and encompasses the whole humanity and cosmos .. Thus education brings the best in the child and the school thus becomes the second home where the student tries and moves ahead so as to finally succeed in life.


The school is rightly called the 'temple of learning'. The school aims at the all round personality development of the student. The students learn to give and receive respect as they are groomed into citizens not only of this country but-of the world.

The school aims at an education which is person - oriented, social and culture-related, profession or work-oriented. Broadly speaking, it imparts training which is national in character, international in outlook, towards the achievements of Universal Brotherhood.

It prepares the student for life, developing the qualities of mind, heart, and the skills and attitudes which enable him/her to cope up with the demands of life, and be a concerned and contributing member of the SOciety and of the Nation.

The school strives to promote intellectual excellence, uprightness of character, emotional maturity, scientific temper, spirit of healthy competition, co-operation, participation, accountability, -and sportsmanship through co-curricular activities, moral sensitivity '0 the needs and rights of others, especially the poor, religious olerance, communal harmony and national integration.