Co-Currirular Activities

Co-curricular activities are given due importance. Student's interests and aptitudes are always encouraged. Regular competitions are held in sports, games, dance painting, music, fancy dress, Rangoli etc. It helps them to sharp their skills and challenge them to greater efficiency.

Celebrations And Festivals

Celebrations like Independence Day, Republic day, Teachers' day, Children's day, Christmas, Pongal are regularly celebrated every year with much pomp and vigour. It imparts much joy, thrill and fun.

Group System

The whole school students come under four groups namely Jasmine, Lilly, Rose and Lotus. This system aims at community building, team spirit and offers equal opportunity to each and every one. Besides these groups there are National Green Corps and Band Troup. All these groups provide ample opportunity to develop socially, spiritually, physically and educationally. The various groups were very enthusiastic and lively all throughout the year and they add colour and beauty and cheer at every gathering.

Value Education Classes

little flower High school provides moral classes in general:.tnd Catholic students receive religious instruction in particular. It enables them to develop a positive attitude towards their God, parents, society and the world at large. The students get a chance to learn the importance of values in their day today life. As we are living in disintegrated society these classes make them to acquire value-based principles, which help them to face challenges with courage, confidence, self-discipline and sacrifice.

Literary and Cub Activities

The students have the club activities once a week. It is designed to help the children to bring out their hidden talents and use it in a full potential for the service of the society. Club activities encourage the students to participate competitions like Eassy writing , singing, general knowledge ,Social Service ,mathamatics and science activities based on their subjects and other competitions.