Teacher development

Teacher development:

An on-going concern of LFHS is to nurture the growth of teachers, and enable them to engage with both the philosophical aspects as well as pedagogic practices that underpin a holistic education. Our in-house teacher development programme aims at supporting 'on-the-job' learning of teachers at LFHS. In addition the Centre plans to develop facilities and programmes through which it can reach out to a wider range of schools, teachers and prospective teachers.

  • In-house teacher developmsnt programmes
  • Workshops for outstation teachers
  • School support programmes
  • Developing mini-courses for teachers
  • Curriculum development projects
  • Teacher development at Little Flower High School includes:

  • Orientation sessions at the beginning of an academic year
  • A series of workshops on selected. pedagogical themes, once a term
  • Mentoring new teachers
  • Teacher's Forum

    This is a platform that aims at the enrichment of teachers' knowledge and perspectives. It could take the form of:

  • presenting and discussing contemporary educational issues
  • sharing of resources and good practices by teachers
  • reading an education-related text and discussing
  • Library of Educational Resources

    A library of educational resources houses books and other resources for teachers and teachereducators is being developed. We are in the process of building up a collection of:

  • Books on education, teaching and learning
  • Textbooks and curricular material of high quality
  • A set of audio-visual resources for teachers and teacher educators
  • Documentation of good practices and resources for teachers